What does Palo Alto Mouse Feces Look Like and Where is it Found?

You should know what Palo Alto mouse feces look like and the type of infestation you may have when you see them in your kitchen or attic.

The California mouse feces look like skinny pellets, and they can be around 3/16 inch long and 1/16 inch in their diameter. The tips are pointed and they bulge at the center. There may be some variance, but in the end they look like brown grains of rice. The fresh ones look dark brown, and they can get lighter as they age. The mice feces tend to be small, so if they are big, then it likely means that you have a rat infestation.

If you have Palo Alto mice feces, you have to be careful since they carry at least 30 different diseases. They include the Rickettsia virus, which may create conditions that are similar to chicken pox. Others are Meningitis, Eosinophilic and Hantavirus. Sometimes droppings from the mice may also cause salmonellosis or leptospirosis. If you are going to handle the feces, use gloves and if possible, sweep them without even touching them. You should never forget to wear a dust mask.

Mice may leave little California mouse pellets around the entire place. They will dry quickly and can be swept with a vacuum or broom. However, before you try to remove mouse waste, you have to try to remove the mouse problem first or the clean-up will never end. If you have a mouse problem, then the poop is not the only thing that should concern you. You should also move urine and scat and then decontaminate.

When you start to clean up after the Palo Alto mice, you have to remove the droppings using a vacuum or by a gloved hand. Also remove dirty and soiled insulation and put it into a plastic bag. You should then use disinfectant. If you have a wood floor, you should pick up the solid feces and then mop the area. If it is a carpet, you will need to use bleach.

You can find mouse feces in the places where the California rodents are active. Sometimes you may confuse the mouse feces with those of rats or cockroaches. The mouse droppings can be concentrated more near their nesting or breeding grounds. The feces can be present near an item which has been destroyed by the mice while making their nest. You can find the feces in drawers, near damaged electrical wiring and cardboard boxes.

When you find even single mouse droppings, then you should check the entire house to see if there is a Palo Alto mouse infestation. It is easier to see the mouse droppings if you have an infestation than to see the mouse itself.

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