How To Keep Wild Palo Alto Animals Out of Your House

Wild Palo Alto animals are losing their territories and coming into the human habitats in search for food and shelter. These wild animals need a home, too, and have no problem making one in your home. There are several methods and ideas on how to keep wild animals out of your home. Some methods are more effective than others, and some methods don’t work at all.

Before a wild California animal makes its way into your home, you might want to consider some preventative methods in attempt to avoid an unwelcome guest in your home. Wild animals tend to make their homes in the attic. Identify any possible points of entry and seal them shut. To prevent the animal from getting to the roof and allowing it to find a possible point of entry, you can trim back frees or any type of vegetation that would make climbing to the roof easier for the animal. Wild animals also use chimneys and vents as an entry point, so you may want to consider installing a chimney cap as well as sturdy, steal screens on the vents.

The trapping method is a very common first choice, but what many people do not know is they need to check with their local law regulations to make sure they are not doing something illegal. Trapping can be very time overriding. Palo Alto animals are careful of something that looks as if it might be a trap, so you will want to eliminate the human scent and disguise the trap. You will them want to bait them in and after the animal is trapped you must reposition or set out of the body.

There are several repellents for just about any problem. These repellents come in the shape of chemical spray and predator urine. Chemical sprays are over the counter and available for purchase, however they are not effective. If this is your method of choice, you will need to reapply the repellent repeatedly. Physical repellents, such as movement make active sprinklers and ultrasonic resonance emitters, are also not effective.

A fence is a good option to consider, it keeps out most California animals. Depending on the type of animal you are dealing with, you can decide to put fencing around your whole property, or you can choose to fence in the area the animal problem is occurring, for example around the garden. If you choose to use a fence to keep out animals, make sure it is sturdy. The fence must also be 1 ½ feet underground to discourage animals from digging under, and 5 feet above ground to dishearten the animals from trying to jump over.

The term wild Palo Alto animal tends to raise alarm in people, but the term simply refers to an animal that does not live in human habitation and isn’t “tame”. Wild animals will typically be more of a pest than a threat.

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