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Will Repellents Get a Wild Palo Alto Animal Out of the Attic?

In the wonderful world of technology, we as humans often turn to our dear friend google for a simple solution to a problem we do not know the answer to. A problem, such as getting a wild Palo Alto animal out of your attic, you will probably turn to our dear friend. The problem with that, is you will come across options that are simply ineffective. The idea of spraying your attic to get rid of the wild animal sounds simple and fast. The reality is, it does not work.

There are several over the counter repellents you can buy online, at Lowe’s or Home Depot, for example, ammonia or mothballs. They are cheap scams, they don’t work. Say you choose to give it a shot anyways, incidents have been reported where these repellents can cause harm to your health, such as headaches and respiratory issues. The California animal problem will remain unsolved, and now you are faced with health issues.

Once a Palo Alto animal is living in your attic, with a liter, they have found their only option for survival. The animal is facing a life or death scenario, and they will endure anything to avoid living outside with no shelter. The animal will not put itself and babies at risk outdoors no matter what device or repellent you try.

The purpose of repellents is to irritate California animal with a scent, which the animal will intentionally ignore. If a repellent is your choice to rid the animal, keep in mind the scent wears off and you will have to reapply regularly, about every two weeks. Even if results are noticed, you will be continuing to buy more repellent to spray, regularly which will cost you extra time and extra money. If you do not continue to reapply the repellent, the animals will come back into your attic. Also, a large enough quantity of the repellent is needed to possibly deliver any result.

If your mind is set on using a repellent, please consider using something natural. Although they are also unlikely to be effective, they have less negative impact on the environment. Natural repellents will also cost you less money, and may even be found in your home, for instance, bleach or ammonia. Although these repellents are natural, they can still put your health at risk, for example mothballs.

Store bought repellents are infective and they come with more disadvantages. The harsh chemicals they contain can cause a higher health risk to you and your family. They will cost you money and deliver no results. Some repellents will claim to work specifically on a certain group of Palo Alto animals, while others with claim to work on all animals. However, either claims are accurate. There is one repellent that works, and it only works for one type of animal: the raccoon. The repellent is called eviction fluid. It is a product of the male raccoon, which if smelled by a mother during her birthing period, poses a threat and depending on the circumstances the mother may flee with her babies.

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